About Bob


Bob has lived in Tippecanoe County for 41 of his 44 years, only moving when he was a deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff Department from 1999 to 2002. He has been a law enforcement officer for 21 years and a member of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office for 19 of those years which includes 2 years as a Correctional Officer. Bob has had extensive training in law enforcement procedures and is currently a member of the Tippecanoe County water response team and its crisis negotiations team. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2017 and currently oversees the detective division.

In addition to his inherent leadership skills, Bob’s experience in working major homicide and sexual abuse cases, as well as working closely with federal investigators, has prepared Bob for the mantle of Sheriff. He says the following about how he will use his knowledge and experience to benefit the department, “I have been listening to the community and co-workers for over 20 years, taking notes along the way to prepare me for this moment and my future as Sheriff of Tippecanoe County and my gold standard is to empower the community for positive change.”

Bob believes the Sheriff’s Department can operate to its fullest potential when it works with the other agencies in and around the county. To support that belief he states, “I feel I have a good working relationship with the other agencies in and around Tippecanoe County. I look forward to working together to make the entire community safer and more efficient.”

During his tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, Bob has also been active with youth sports throughout Tippecanoe County. Many people will recognize Bob from his work over the years with the Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department, both as a Commissioner of Lafayette Youth Baseball and as a coach to numerous sports teams throughout the county. Bob also has a passion for barbeque. He started Crooked Stick BBQ a few years ago and has already provided catering for countless events, and he has entered several BBQ competitions throughout the Midwest.

Bob shows unyielding commitment to his family. He says, “I embrace the challenge of a busy schedule, but the absolute most important thing in my life is my Savior and my family. I am not a perfect person, but I constantly strive to improve and help those around me be better people every day.” This year, Bob and his wife, Danielle, will celebrate 20 years of marriage. Danielle teaches special education at Battle Ground Middle School. They have two children, Samuel and Grace. Samuel just graduated from Harrison High School and plans to attend Ivy Tech and Purdue University to study Marine Biology. Grace is a sophomore at Harrison High School and hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps to be a teacher.

Bob looks forward to continuing to meet folks throughout the community. He will be holding and attending events from day of nomination until election day. He is eager to meet as many residents as possible, gaining perspective from their concerns and answering their questions.