School Safety

At this time there are 13,600 students enrolled in school and spread among the 20 schools in Tippecanoe School Corporation, which falls under our jurisdiction. We have two full time resource officers and two officers that sign up to work overtime at each of the high schools. At any given time we have four officers that are present in our schools. We also have Deputies that are required to do checks in the schools as often as they can as well. They speak with the students and staff and work to build positive relationships with the schools.

As Sheriff, I will meet with Dr. Hanback on a regular basis to make sure the students and staff at TSC are safe. The program, such as RAD Kids, that is currently in place is working well. The SRO’s are doing an outstanding job and we will continue to give them the tools they need to succeed in the schools. We will enable them to do as many trainings as they can in the summer months and come back to give myself and Dr. Hanback feedback on the training. As more programs become available we will look in to those and decide if they apply to our current situation. At this time we have deputies that are trained to train others in active shooter situations. These trainings are done every year and in different settings such as schools and businesses. We will continue conducting these trainings and they will evolve as the need changes in the school corporation. Part of my plan is to put this training on for other organizations as well. This would include reaching out to other agencies, organizations and entities. We will sit down together with all of our ideas and collaborate to come up with a plan that is specific to them.

Safety in the schools is my number one concern as it is with other law enforcement officers. As a team we will continue to work to make our schools as safe as possible. This hits home for me as I have a daughter that goes to Harrison, a wife that is a teacher and a son that just graduated. We have several family members and friends who are connected to these schools also. As YOUR Sheriff I promise I will do everything I can to make our schools as safe as possible. You have my word!